Project Overview

Project History

The County of El Dorado acquired the 2.2-acre property at 40 Old Depot Road in Placerville in May 2018 to develop a park. The site is currently vacant and is adjacent to the El Dorado Trail. A number of park design focus group and community meetings to elicit design ideas from the community were held in support of a Proposition 68 grant application, which the County submitted to the State in August 2019.

Current Status

The County is continuing the park planning process through additional engagement with the community on desired biking facilities and site amenities. The County is also conducting a site analysis, looking at the site’s natural and cultural resources and topography. The goal of this step in the process is to develope a conceptual plan for the park based on input provided at the public meetings and the site analysis.

Provide Your Input

We are looking for the communities input during the planning process. There are several ways for you to provide input. Join us at one of two community meetings, complete an online survey, or leave a comment below. Visit the Provide Your Input page for dates and locations.

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